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When signup, you get 5 phone numbers to call them anytime. The numbers are regular landline numbers.

Make Calls

You can may as many times as you want, as long as you can, even simultaneously and using multiple devices, from mobile or landlines

Get Paid

Every minute the call is running is accumulated on your account, at the end of the month we send the money automatically to your bitcoin wallet.

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Newbie or Pro, a crypto wallet is as necessary as your regular wallet, but is useless if empty. Start adding Bitcoins with Call&Cash, no wire transfers are needed

Monetize your airtime

Many phone subscription plans includes flat fees for calls abroad that you never use. Calling Call&Cash numbers is a great and easy way to get profits from your subscriptions

Don't use the bank

Avoid wire transfer commissions o money lost when trying to purchase Bitcoins from Coinbase or Kraken, with Call&Cash you see how you minutes are transformed into Bitcoins on real time.

Sky is the limit

Call a lot and get rich!, easier to say than done, but it doable. Not many "Earn Money Online" schemes can say that

Private and secure

Nobody known who are you, we don't require more info than your Bitcoin Address, no Photo-ID, no Passport, no personal info required.

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Earn money online in minutes

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Better than money because you receive Bitcoins.

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How much can I earn?

This are the numbers, more minutes, more money

We pay 0.06 USD/minute. Conversion to BTC when paid.
Daily Minutes Per Week Per Month Per Year
60 minutes $ 25 USD $ 108 USD $ 1,314 USD
300 minutes $ 126 USD $ 540 USD $ 6,570 USD
1.200 minutes $ 504 USD $ 2,160 USD $ 26,280 USD
3.600 minutes $ 1,512 USD $ 6,480 USD $ 78,840 USD

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Your bitcoins maybe worth millions in the future

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Frequent asked questions


Here is the deal, you get bitcoins for every minute you call to a landline destination, as simple as that
When signup, you get five numbers to call and a nine-digits PIN. Just call them as you like entering the pin number each time. At the end of the month you receive a payout in your bitcoin wallet.
Every call we receive using your pin code is assigned to your payout.

Only a limited set of countries are included in the service, this set is changing as some more is added eventually.

If the country you are calling from is not included in the service then a voice is warning you and the call is dropped before asking for the PIN.

You can check the list of available countries for Call And Cash

Telecom services are becoming crazy, and international rates are really complex, math and crypto revolution makes this service possible as a fun way to purchase bitcoins without wire transfers or risky credit card transactions.

No, you can call as many times as you like, using as many phones as you have.

If you don't have a Bitcoin wallet, first need one, If you already have one, just go to "Get BTC" or "Receive BTC" option to get a raw bitcoin address.

More guides and links at How to create a BTC accountpage.

We pay at the end of the month, to save in blockchain transaction costs.

There is a threshold of $50.00 USD, if the unpaid amount is below that is accumulated to next month, no expiration.

Not needed, just listen.

Yes, even with same phone line.

Yes, if you dial the numbers adding pauses like ",,,123456789" or "ppp123456789", then the PIN tones are enter automatically by your phone.

"p" or comma means pause on dial strings.

Check "Call instructions" section on "earnings" page, there is a link to download a Contact Card which include the number list stored that way, calling with this contact will insert the pin code automatically

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Earn money online in minutes

No upfront costs

Better than money because you receive Bitcoins.

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